Sunday, May 20, 2012

Howdy from Indiana,
David and I have made it back to the mainland for a very quick 10 day trip that includes Colorado and Indiana. We are currently in Mishawaka, Indiana, and just concluded the festivities of Trevor's graduation from Notre Dame. We are so very proud of his accomplishments: graduating Summa Cum Laude, full ride to Indiana University Law School, and being a 2nd Lieutenant (an officer) in the Army. How couldn't a sister be proud of her little baby brother;)
In Colorado, we saw lots of family and friends. From seeing David's folks, sister, brother in law, our adorable little niece, grandma and old high school friends, to my grandmother and was a very busy 3 days! It was great to breathe the Colorado air, or lack of, again.
We are in our old college stomping grounds here in Mishawaka staying at Dani and Ryan's beautiful home. After having a fire in their home less than a year ago, it is amazing to see God's provision in a beautiful almost new home, new furniture, new paint, and new car...all from having homeowners insurance. Something so tragic, ended up being so good..."Everything works out for the good to those who Love the Lord and are called according to His purpose". We have been so busy with Notre Dame graduation stuff, but I was able to slip away and see good friends: Ali and Kory (who are pregnant, due in August...congrats u guys) Brooke and Nate (newly weds:), Rachel and Chad (old married couple:), Brittany Cook, Kassandra, Danni Sev, Becca...and David went to Tim and Alyssa's wedding (congrats!) and saw many friends there too! Dani and Ryan are so gracious and holding a get together for us to see a bunch of people at once!!! (So if you are an Indiana resident and are in the Mishawaka area...we would LOVE to see u...6:30 pm, Monday May 21 at Dani and Ryan call or text me 808-217-7454 for directions).

There's one thing that I am sad about. My first picture I posted is of my sister (and boss:). I've had such an incredible 6 months living and working with her, and as of Thursday, Hawaii will no longer be their home :( So as much as I'm looking forward to being back home in Hawaii, I'm very sad about losing her as a roommate and co-worker.

We do have another couple coming to live with us for possible 2 months as they see if Waikoloa is the place for them. We are looking forward to getting to know this couple better (we met them 2 years ago in Hilo...).

We are Kona-bound Wednesday! We'll be Chicago bound on Tuesday...going to take a 24 hr vacation to enjoy the fun in our old stomping grounds of Chi-town. Waiting for the NATO summit to be pau to avoid all the chaos there.

Hope to see Indiana friends on Monday.

Kelsey and David

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