Thursday, August 30, 2012

It seems to be a monthly blog update.
End of July: My folks and Trevor came end of July and the first few days of August to relax in Hawaii. David and I were both able to relax a little bit with them, but of course it wasn't fully vacation for us with still having to work. Trevor and I were able to spend some quality sister/brother time. I tell you, a have so much respect for my little brother...that boy...I mean man... He has so much wisdom...I truly treasure him! Casey, my boss, even took us one day to Waipio. We were talking about hiking in and out of this beautiful valley (think of Pikes Peak incline on steriods) until Casey volunteered to drive us down in his 4x4 truck and show us some beautiful waterfalls and share a little history of the valley. We really appreciated his time and just enjoyed being in the valley the whole day...something a bit different than the Anaehoomalu Beach my folks tend to stay at the whole time they are here (typically the beach I kite at and has the most shade).

August: Was a busy month for both David and I. We celebrated our Anniversary by going out to dimmer at a nice restaurant and then joined my folks for dessert at Roys (they have the best fact I'm taking our crew girls out to dinner and dessert there tonight...yumm). I worked 13 days in a row, then taking one day break, went back to working about 7 days in a row. In this business you take all you can get, because starting in September there is no work. We have been seeing a lot of baby dolphins. You can view pictures on our blog or on our facebook page (ADVENTURE X RAFTING HAWAII).
David's scheduled shifted from him working nights to days quite drastically in the month of August. He seems to enjoy the challenges of managing and learns new skills everyday. The reports he gives me is that he finds favor amongst his fellow employess, the people he leads and his bosses. I'm happy for him. He also has started this Paleo diet (thanks to Joel R.). He is on a high protein, lots of vegetables, and lots of fruits- diet and has eliminated soda, sugar, and carbs. I'm proud of him for taking some extreme measures to get back to healthy.

Not sure what the month of September holds. I do get my wisdom teeth out towards the end of September and there is talk about a kiteboarding trip to Oahu. We are going to be taking care of an 80 year old woman for a few days too in Hilo. Also, David and I have committed to volunteer in 3 week increments at HEART RANCH: A place where kids and horses connect and they watch God do the rest. I may start helping with lessons and David has volunteered to help with ranch chores. We really believe in what Tony and Fronda are doing and want to help in anyway we can.

 BTW...congrats to Kory and Ali Lantz having their baby! What great parents you'll be!!!

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Kelsey (and David) and Kapule (our very very fat kitt)