Sunday, October 30, 2011


Today at church our pastor talked about Trials and God's Discpline out of Hebrews 12:4-11. No one likes to be disciplined, but we see discipline as a form of refinement although, sometimes painful and uncomfortable. God allows trials in our lives, and through the trials, if we let him, He'll make us more like Him. Thankfully, trials are only temporary, and usually the outcome is more of God's blessing in our lives.

As we are a couple months away from the end of the year, I have to think that this year could have been called "David and Kelsey's Year of Trials" as both David and I went through some not so fun stuff. However, we have to trust that God truly disciplines those He loves, and through discipline comes a refinement of character. Last Tuesday, I pleaded "no contest" in my excessive speeding court case. After talking with an attorney who advised me not to make the judge more irritated and that really it was a losing battle, I decided to plead no contest and hope for the best. Well the "best" still consists of a hefty fine, 15 days suspended license, Community Service, and a driving class...not what I had in mind, especially when I have a hard time believing I was going that fast (you should see the car I was driving, can it get up to 88 is the question?). Well anyhoo, what's done is done, and I have to think that this is a trial that God has allowed in my life to refine who I am. I have a pretty amazing husband and some awesome friends who are taxing me around for the next 2 weeks. I tell you, for a pretty independent woman to have to suddenly become is a stretching experience for me:) Also for someone who felt invincible to the law and often sped (not 88), finally realized that we do need to honor the law and authority God has established and has learned a valuable lesson, thankfully not at the expense of a life or property... Probably what God had in mind...? But how do you explain trials in someone's life who doesn't know Jesus? Is it an opportunity to come to know and rely on Jesus as Lord and Savior?? Is it another way for God to make it clear that we can't do life on our own?

Talking in the car on the way to the beach to kiteboard, I asked David if he thinks he has seen the blessings from the trial he went through at the beginning of the year. During that trial I saw a pretty stubborn man come to repentance and make some big changes in his life. Never perfect, he is, however, a pretty different man from the man I saw a year ago. David recalled these blessings current in our lives: favor at work, financial provision, and a happier marriage. Maybe even more blessings to come?

I always hope that after a trial, life will continue on as trial-free. But that's not the God we serve. God disciplines those He loves. Discipline is a form of God's love...ouch! So if God loves us, I guess the discipline will keep on coming...

Are you a disciplined child of God?


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Finally I get to share this with you! For about a month, Christina (david's sister) and family were planning on coming to Hawaii to surprise David. Obviously, I had to keep my mouth shut so not to ruin the surprise, and I did!
On October 12, I got David to the airport. I told him I needed to pick up something for Casey (my boss). Little did he know, he was about to be shocked. The "something" I picked up was a car seat, and when he got out of the car to help me put it in the backseat, there was Bella, Pablo and Christina standing there. I've never seen him so surprised!
We went wakeboarding on the Pacific Ocean, spent lots of time at the beach, went to a coffee farm, visited with some awesome Hilo friends, and ate yummy was a very packed 6 days! We loved spending time with them, and were so thankful they could make the trip over with a little 15 month old. I tell ya, little Bella stole our hearts. What a precious little girl as you can probably see from the pictures. Bella loved the water (takes after her aunty), and at 15 months old attempted to body board in some medium size waves with dad. She loved every minute of it. I think she'll be a kiteboarder someday:)

Well, now we are back to routine. The boat is back in the water, however, I'm praying the phones ring a bit more.
I have my "trial" for October 25. I've been advised by an attorney to plead guilty. A tough decision for me since I don't believe I was going that speed, but since I don't feel like paying 3000 dollars for an attorney...its a lose situation at court. Going to trial will only irritate the judge, pleading guilty, may allow me to get the minimum charges. All I have to say, I'm glad I have Jesus as my attorney at the Ultimate trial, Judgement Day. To stand before God and give an account for my life without Jesus by my that's scary. I would appreciate prayers of peace.

Haley and Andrew are moving out here in November. David and I are starting to look for 3 bedroom homes that allow a kitty cat. I also found out, Rachael Scribner, a friend from high school is moving to Kona to be a leader at YWAM. Wow, God is good!! Please help us pray for the ideal house in the ideal location (I have no idea, but He does)

Well...that's all for now! Would love to hear from you all.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

we have house mates coming

So as many of you know or have experienced, I've been on a big sales kick selling the Big Island. I believe the Big Island is a special place and have encouraged many people to pray about moving here (either temporary to give it a shot, or more permanent). Well we found out this past week that my cousin (pretty much sister) and her husband are taking a leap of faith and moving out here for a year. They bought their one way tickets ( for about $315, an amazing deal) and are going to call the Big Island home for a year. I'm so proud of them as I watch them take this crazy step in life. There's a lot not figured out, but they believe God will bless their year here with incredible provision, and I can't wait to see Him provide! (Their picture is above). So November 30 we have housemates...and are currently looking for a house to complete the picture. I tell ya, housing on the Big Island is a lot more affordable shared, now its just finding that perfect home:)

Anyhoo, pretty exciting news. Just thought I'd share:)