Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall just around the corner

Aloha friends and family,
I seem to have a lot of pics of David and the cat, Kapule, sleeping. I guess for a guy who gets up at 4 am needs a nap every now and then.

Just a little update. Most of you have heard about David's promotion. I'm very proud of him, and look forward to seeing the skills and leadership he will develop through this position.

I too am having to learn some leadership skills in my job as well. Although it is easier for me to just do, I've been asked to train our new employees, which has made me step back and re-think all my leadership readings and classes. Although it's not in a ministry setting with a bunch of teenagers, I am learning that one can still use the same skills and ideas. It's been fun as I've been learning a lot in the business world, and really fun when business takes place on the ocean. Now do I get my captain's license is the question?

I am looking forward to being back in Colorado on the 8th of Sept and in Indiana a little after that. Unfortunately, David won't be coming with me. We really felt that he needed to stay because of his new job and the cat. It's a good thing, because it looks like he may be in Hilo training while I'm in Colorado...perfect timing I must say.

My kite ripped about a month ago, and thanks to a fellow kiter from San Diego who volunteered to fix my kite for free, I'm back in the kiting world. It is a very multi-colored kite, but it is working once again which I'm thankful for. Although I was thinking I was becoming an intermediate kiter, I was put in my place quickly by my fellow kiters. So still at the beginning stage, I'm working on toe side kiting and jumps.

Although our life in Hawaii is good, we do miss friends and family. Our hope is to find a community soon over in Kona that can encourage, uplift, and focus us in our faith in Jesus Christ. We are so blessed for our friends and family in Colorado, Indiana, our prayer is Kona. Just because we aren't in "ministry" God can still use our vocations and or recreational activities to love others as Jesus would love them. Please pray for friends in David's and I lives, friends that can keep us focused on Him even in the busyness in life. I was listening to Rob Brendle's sermon on friends...and my heart's desire is to find fellowship like that in our lives now.

For those in Hilo-we'll be visiting this Friday and Saturday (2 and 3)
For those in Colorado-I'll be visiting Sept 8
For those in Indiana- I'll be visiting on the 16th

See you all soon:)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Good Update

Hey everyone! I just wanted to drop by and give and update on how life has been for Kels and I, since I practically never write any blogposts. But I really wanted to today because I have some great news! Recently I applied for a mid-managment level job at my Target store, and after a battery of interviews, I recently found out that I got the job! Its a big promotion for me, coming right after I was able to be promoted after working here for 90 days. I am really excited for this new season of my work! I'll be in charge of a couple of the sections of the store, helping team members learn and develop in their work and serving our guests with the best shopping experience in Kona. There will be some exciting challenges as I go through my training and begin to work in my new postion, but I know that I can get it done! Kels treated me to a wonderful dinner at the Seafood Bar in Kawaihae to celebrate my promotion. She is such an awesome wife like that! It really meant a lot for her to do that for me.

Life is in general going really well for the two of us. Busy as ever, but we have been making time to just relax and spend time chilling with each other (read: zoning out at the end of the day watching our favorite shows online and playing with our cat Kapule). Within a couple weeks Kels will be on the mainland visiting family in Colorado and then to Indiana to see Trevor and hopefully a lot of our Bethel family, while I hold the fort down here in Hawaii. We'd love to hear how life is for all of you on the mainland, so feel free to comment with what's going on in your world!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eventful week


Aloha from the Big Island,
I'm sure you all are more up to speed on the current world economic situation than I am. However, reading a few articles here and there, I've come to the conclusion that Jesus is coming back soon. You may be scratching your head and saying, "Of course Kelsey, we have been hearing that for a while now". That being the case, here's the challenge to all of us. As I was journaling this AM, a thought hit me. All of our lives we have heard that "Jesus is coming back soon", but how many of us are really ready for His return. Now I don't mean "ready" as in we want to travel, or have kids, or live life a little more. I mean "ready" in that our hearts are clean, and we are walking in righteousness and holiness. I believe the church is going to see a time of refinement, of purification. Purification as seen in the Bible are hard times, times that sort the real followers of Jesus from the fakes. Are we ready for some challenging times ahead? Is Jesus really truly our rock? Are we ready for His return?

Well a little update on the Poole life:
David is going through interviews to be a Team Lead at Target (a position of management). Please keep him in your prayers, as this position would be a blessing in many ways for us.

I, Kelsey, have been BUSY on the boat! An absolute huge blessing. We just added a Japanese translator to our crew members, and have been able to host Japanese guests Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This has been a huge addition and step for the company! We have more expansion ahead. I tell you, I never thought I'd be doing marketing, reservations, and boat crew for a Swim with Dolphin and Whale Watching boat in crazy is that! God truly does equip us for His desire in our lives.

A sad day for kiting, I ripped my pink kite. I took a hard fall, and my 4 yr old kite split. Thankfully, some new friends volunteered to help fix it, and I hope in a few days I will be seeing my repaired pink kite back up and running! My other kite is in need of a few more repairs too, before it is back up and it has been a slow kiting week needless to say.

I will be back in Colorado in a month, and in Indiana in a Month and a week! Look forward to catching up with friends and family!

David and I had a wonderful anniversary. Thank you for the anniversary wishes. The best anniversary is a simple anniversary: chinese food, red wine, and dark chocolate while watching Andy Griffith shows!

Aloha ke Akua,