Friday, February 10, 2012

The 2 boat/whale pics above were taken by my boss. This just gives you an idea of what I saw with the baby whale. This isn't the same whale, but Casey took this a while ago. Humpback whales are very curious animals, and like to explore boats. So when you are here on the Big Island...come check out Adventure X Rafting!!

The kiting pic was taken by Emily at White Dot photography in Hilo Bay...windy!! Blowing 25-30 mph.
Wow, it has been a long time since I've updated you all on our lives. I guess we've been that busy. Well here we go, the update begins:

Currently, my hubby is not feeling too good. To avoid getting sick, I escaped to Hilo for a couple of days to kiteboard. Yes, I'm a bad wife, but David insisted he did not want me home so I would not pick up the stomach flu, sore throat, cough, sinus stuff, and headache. Doesn't sound like fun, huh?
He missed 2 days of work and slept, and I enjoyed 2 days of intense kiting.
Work for David is going well, he is still in the middle or a remodeling project at Target and is working nights. Our times to see each other tends to be around the dinner hour. God seems to be stretching him in the leadership aspect, and we are praying for a change of position once this remodeling project is done. He is working toward being what's called the Presentation Team Lead, which means his hours would be at him enough time to play and see each other:)

Our whale season is rocking. For the most part we have been doing 2 trips a day, packed almost every trip! God is good!! Just the other day, I was so blessed to experience a baby humpback whale, belly up, come and brush against our boat. I've never been so close to a humpback whale in my life, and although a baby, it still is about 15 feet in length weighing over a ton in weight.
Haley reminded me, that when we listen to the whales sing live through our dual hydrophones on board, that they are probably singing to their Creator. All of creation truly sings praises to God, and we get to listen everyday!

Haley and Andrew:
Are our fantastic roomies! We love having them here! Andrew is now starting to do more with Aflac, anyone need insurance talk to him? And Haley has truly been a tremendous blessing helping take a lot of the responsibility with the boat! She is also trying to launch her photography here on the Big Island.

We still have not found a church, and unfortunately, I work most Sundays. In His timing, things will work out. We find fellowship with Haley and Andrew, and friends from Hilo:)

Signing off,