Thursday, September 29, 2011

A legal battle

First and foremost, could you all be praying for David's Aunt Tracy. They have found a hole in her lungs and she has been in the ICU for a couple days.

Well, I've been holding off writing this for a couple months because I'd thought I would have a whole story to tell you with good news at the end. Instead, I'm still in the midst of it and humbly needing your prayers.
Where do I begin?
Back in July I got pulled over for speeding. When the cop asked me if I was speeding, I admitted that I was.( I was going no more than 15 over...which a lot). He then proceeded to tell me that he clocked me going over 33 mph over the speed limit (putting me at 88 in a 55mph zone). The accusation is pretty crazy as the car I was driving would literally be shaking at 88, there was heavy traffic and I was following another vehicle (who must have been going 88 too and never touched his brakes when he passed the cop) However, this in hawaii, is not just a speeding incident...this is a BIG DEAL, in which I now have gone to court twice. It's up there with a DUI... What's at risk? Besides a heavy fine, a 30 day suspended license, and either 36 hours of community or even jail time, (can you imagine me going to jail? Ok, well, let's not even go there for some of you:) it also goes on my record as a petty misdemeanor. Needless to say, this has been stressing me out. I countered a plea bargain today with the state prosecutor, which failed, so I am going to trial on October 25 at 2:30pm. I have given away my right to an attorney (a financial move, hopefully not a dumb one) because I could not qualify for a Public Defendent (and actually probably don't want one after watching him at work in the court room) and other Attorneys are super costly. If I lose the case I don't want the cost of an attorney plus all the other fines and fees attached. So I'm on my own, for now but seeking more legal counsel. In reality its the cop's word against my word with all the other legal mumbo jumbo in between. I've done my research in what the state prosecutor needs to prove so to find me guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
So to find the "good" in "God works out everything for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose" I'm still not sure. I hope to have great news that the case was dismissed after my trial on Oct 25, but I'm also ready for the worst of news (do you think I look good in orange?).
So I am asking my fellow brother and sisters to join me in prayer. I won't have a jury, I just have to convince a really tough judge (who has a reputation of being very egotistical). I feel like the odds are against me, but I have to think I have a God that is for me.

To be continued...
I could use any advice and/or encouragement


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall is here, my mainland trip

Can't you see the sister resemblance?

Aloha friends and family (who I just saw:)

I apologize for the long delay in writing the latest blog. As many of you know, I did indeed go to the mainland for 2 weeks to see family and friends. I tell you, two weeks can go very very fast. We dry docked the boat, and David was such a awesome hubby to let me go 2 weeks to Colorado and Indiana without him. I was sad he couldn't go, but thankful he could work and take care of our kitty cat (which by the way, in the two weeks that I've been gone, has forgotten about me so it seems. She now has a ho-hum attitude around me:)

While on the mainland I was able to see a lot of family which was great and just spend time in beautiful Colorado. It was wonderful to see Mom, Dad, Grandmothers, Aunts Uncles, family-in laws:), and my adorable little niece Bella (Pablo and Christina are doing an awesome job as parents). I also loved seeing my cousin/sister Haley and cousin in law/brother in law Andrew. Haley and I were able to spend a lot of time together, which was so special and much needed. In high school, Haley and I, who were once really close, seemed to live in separate worlds. Thankfully, since college and especially since being married, God has been able to bring our worlds back together again, and she truly is a sister to me. I loved seeing and hearing what God was doing in her and Andrew's lives. Haley even talked me into putting feathers in my hair. Who knew that feathers was a fashion, not in Hawaii...yet. Overall, a lot of decisions to be made in the near future, and I'm excited to see what God will do:)

Another gem on my trip was to stay with Dani and Ryan during our stay in Indiana. Dani, one of my amazing friends in college and has been an amazing friend since college... even got to visit us in June, was one of my bridesmaids back in 2009. She and Ryan are now working at the same Christian school in Indiana, and I am so happy for them. Back in May, my folks and I decided to take a 4 day trip to Indiana to see Trevor and help celebrate his 21st birthday. Dani and Ryan so graciously opened up their beautiful home, and let me emphasize beautiful, and let my folks and I crash for the 4 nights. Let me tell you, I sure packed in a lot of seeing people in those 4 days...and for those who I didn't get to see...I'm time was so short:( I guess all the more reason to go back and visit. It was so refreshing to see friends and adopted families (Steenbekes). I was so encouraged by my conversations and catching up with people, so thank you for the joy:) It was very much needed. Trevor, no longer my little brother, was incredible in juggling friends, papers, ROTC, us, birthday celebrations, and who knows what else. It was really neat to meet his roomies, guys I hope he can keep in touch with the rest of his life.

Well, I'm back home. It is good to be home, and it is good that Hawaii feels like home. Some prayer requests, we'd appreciate your help in praying God's will in these areas:
-Finding a more home-like place (we have a lot of visitors coming in the next year, and David and I would love to get a place we can host)
-Car situations, we need to sell a car and buy a good gas car in the next month
- Work, for me...! Pray the phones ring once we are back in the water so we can start booking trips.
-Find a church/small group to plug in
-Figure out other ways we can plug into the community here in Kona
-Our marriage- God has always strengthened us in our time apart, but please continue to cover us in your prayers
-2 unspoken prayer requests

David's hours were suppose to get cut these past 2 weeks from 40 to 32. However, each week he still seems to be working the 40 and with the raise that came with the promotion- it has been a huge blessing, especially with me mostly out of work for this month. God provides!!

Opportunity to go back to the mainland. I always consider that a blessing

Despite the economy, David and I have jobs and can survive in paradise!:)

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for what's next in the Adventure of David and Kelsey.