Friday, May 27, 2011

sad day

Yesterday was a pretty depressing day for David and I. At about 5:00am (David was already at work) I hear this really loud dog fight. I run out to see Alicia and another brown dog going at it (we believe probably an Alpha female thing). Another tenant on the property got them to stop, and Alicia came crawling back to our front porch with a ripped ear, and bites all over her. She was pretty bloody. The other dog seemed fine.
Since we are only renters, and Alicia was a stray when we moved in, I thought it best to go seek peace from the landlords. Although we love Alicia, we didn't want to ruin any neighborly relations in the process of restoring health to this dog. Our landlords expressed their desire for her to go to the humane society. Although just the thought of that broke my heart, I knew by looking at her pretty bloodied and really thin (although we were feeding her 3 times a day) that was probably the best thing for her.
So yesterday we loaded her up and David drove her to the humane society. They assured us that they would do everything possible to get her back to good health and find her a good home. I tell you, we'd adopt that dog in a heartbeat if we could. Although she probably has a past of abuse and neglect, when David and I reached out to love her and care for her needs she was the most loyal dog we've ever seen. It takes her a while to warm up to someone, she has major trust issues, and just wants to bolt when someone she doesn't know gets within 5 feet of her, but once she warms up, she is such a good companion and so loyal.
So why did God put her in our life for 2 weeks and then take her away? I don't know. But if we hadn't built that trust with her 2 weeks ago, she would still be a starving stray on the street... and she wouldn't have been able to get the help she needed after that dog fight yesterday. So if our role was to just get her to a place where she could get the help she needs and find a home that will love her...well I guess our job is done, as much as we'd love to be that home for her.

Gosh, who knew we could get so attached in 2 weeks. Once again life doesn't make sense, but we have to think that God has a bigger plan.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our doggie...kinda

Her name is Alicia, and she found us. As I was jogging a couple weeks ago, I came across this dog. One of the plumeria farmers said that she was probably driven here and abandoned, that would explain why this dog is skin and bones. At the beginning she would follow me from a distance, but if I made any attempt to come near her she would run away. Probably abuse, she doesn't trust anyone, and therefore no one has been able to help her. I noticed that she was getting skinnier and probably had gone days without water (it's so hot and dry here in Kona). So I began taking a cup of water and a little bit of food and setting it on the ground and walking away. From a distance, I observed her drinking and eating. Slowly I began to get a little closer to her, finally she would approach me on her terms...but then run away. I was just patient, til just a couple of days ago she gladly runs to me, tail wagging, and just absorbs the attention. Now we are working on her and David. When I'm around she is ok with David (as you see in the picture). If I'm not around, she barks at him and then runs away...we are working on this. But for now, I've experienced a true bond with her...and I believe I have made a friend for life. Is she our dog? No...because no one knows where she came from. She could be lost, she could be abandoned, she could just be a wanderer...but she is starving...and for now I will gladly receive a dog's love and try to put some meat on her so she doesn't starve.

The other dogs you see in this picture are dogs on the plumeria farm. They each have their own personality...and it's just great to be around canine love again.

Why did we name her Alicia? Well I had a friend in college I watched come from a very difficult life, find the love and care of Jesus Christ, and each day became stronger and stronger and overcame some very difficult obstacles in her life through Christ's love (although life still brought her hardships). I believe that's the story of this dog too. I believe this dog has a difficult past, but through our love and care she is going to get stronger and stronger and hopefully overcome some trust issues in her life too.

The adventure continues...


Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th special update

Well, the reason that this blog post is so special is because it is David that is writing it! Yes, I know, I decided to add my voice to the blog for a very special reason, and that is to let you know how awesome my Friday the 13th has been. It's my birthday, and there have been some really cool things that have been popping up in my life.

First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone who sent me letters and cards for my birthday. The other day I checked up on the blog to see how it was going, and saw what Kelsey wrote, asking people to send things notes to encourage me. It was such a huge blessing when I started to get them! I cannot thank you all enough. It was super awesome that you guys did that and I am blown away by your kindness towards me.

Secondly, this week I found out about a men's pick-up roller hockey league. Many of you may not know this about me, but I played roller hockey from a really young age until middle school (I think it was the end of my seventh grade year). I've always loved hockey, but never thought that I'd be able to play in Hawaii, and now I am! It was a blast getting back on skates and playing again. It is going to be a regular part of my life now twice a week.

Last night Kelsey and I celebrated my birthday at Outback steakhouse. It was a huge treat to enjoy a wonderful dinner with my wife, talking about the things that God has been doing in our lives and looking ahead to some goals, dreams and thoughts about our future. It's been really comforting to learn, by tried and true experience lately, to be able to trust God more with our future that I ever knew that I would need to. It's been an awesome time growing in Christ, though not always the most fun. However I am confident in Jesus that it is the very best thing for me, and that He is providing in amazing ways! (More on that in a bit)

Today I got to help out on the boat for Adventure X Rafting with Kels and Captain Casey. It was a huge privilege to be able to help them and the guests today, and I was able to jump in with the guests and swim with the wild dolphins. They are absolutely stunning creatures! We found a pod of about 40 dolphins today. I was trying to interact with them and help the dolphins feel comfortable with a group of 18 humans clumsily moving through the water, and boy they sure decided to like us and hang with us today! Four different times I dove down about 10-15 feet and kinda spun around to invite them to play with us. All four time I would have dolphins surround me (usually three) and kind of corkscrew around my and play near me an a couple guests. (it was almost like they were playing ring around the rosie around me, and instead of falling down they would swim away. It was really cool though!) The last time I did, four dolphins surrounded me and played around. One was so close that his tail bumped into the back of my head as he passed by me! It was such a cool trip! It made me more grateful than ever that we have a wonderful, creative Creator who made these creatures so that we could experience them in this way! I am going to help out on the boat again tomorrow, which will be nice because I'll know how to better be able to help serve Captain Casey, Kels and the guests with the trip tomorrow because of what I learned today!

The last bit of update is that I start my new job at Target this next week! My orientation is on Tuesday, so I'll be finding out all my hours and a better description of my job then. It is such a blessing to get a job with a stable company in this crazy economy, and I see where God was waiting to provide on my behalf. It was hard to move to the Kona side because I didn't have a job lined up yet, but within a week of moving over here I got the Target job! Sometimes in life we need to take that leap of faith, and I sure did!

So here are some pics of Kelsey and I before my birthday dinner and one of my niece, the adorable Bella Bonacic. Thanks to Tracy for emailing that to us!

I hope that you all find the arms of Christ and strong, protecting, reassuring, and comforting as I have been lately. Thanks for reading, and who knows the next time I'll write is!


Sunday, May 8, 2011


Just an update that David did get a job at Target over on the Kona side! A huge answer to prayer... Some other cool things happened this or email if you want details":)

David was also able to transfer his Hilo security job over to the Kona side and will be a temp/ fill in / sub (whatever word you would like to call it) in security as well. It's a step in the right direction.

It was a busy day for us today. Last night we stayed with our wonderful friends Art and Donna where we enjoyed a fabulous soup and encouraging conversation. We stayed overnight and went to church at HMC today, attended a baby shower for our friends Chris and Heather, and met some awesome families at the Hapuna beach. Whew! Been a busy day. I even made it to Costco for muffins for our breakfast this week. (It's fabulous being 2.5 miles away from Costco)

Well wanted to give you all the update:) Would love to hear from you...:)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

David's birthday

 it is David's May 13...and I need your help. It's been a tough couple months, especially for him...
Would you help me encourage and uplift him and speak truth in his life for this next year by writing a little birthday card or note.

Please nothing fancy...just a scrap piece of paper with some words and a 44 cent stamp will do! Words are powerful things. They can tear down, but they also can heal, restore, and lift back up.
It would mean the world to him...and to me:)

Send to:
David Poole
73-4366 Pukiawe St
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Thanks bunches. And don't delay...with Hawaii...if you send it may make it in a week:) Thanks for helping me bless my hubby on his bday.

(lucky he doesn't go on our blog a whole lot, now I have to keep him off of it for a whole week...whew!)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our hawaiian hut

"We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us. We are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be" -CS Lewis (thanks Lindy K for the quote)

Hey family and friends,
We are Kailua-Kona residents now! Here are the promised pictures. So if you are flying to visit us, we are literally a mile away from the Kona airport.

We are getting used to our little Kona cabin. It is small, but I believe this time will be a gem in our lives.

David is transferring his job from Hilo to Kona as security guard, but will be back to working nights again. He is still applying for other jobs.

For me, we will be back in the H2O May 12th!! Woo hoo!! So coming Thursday, I'll be going around to hotel concierge and let them know we are back in business and handing out our new fancy flyer! Right now, I'm beach bumming it (and doing a little work to get ready for this new season). Had a great day of kiting today.

Not sure what God is up to, but taking our friend's advice, we are seizing the day! If we are living in the future, we can't enjoy the present. My friends, let's enjoy the present whatever trial or joy it is! God is still God, and He loves us very much!