Tuesday, May 25, 2010

4 day R and R

A little update...busy as usual! But first...
You know when life is overwhelming and you have too many things going on...sometimes you feel like you are drowning. Well I have found that hearing from others what God is doing in their life is such an encouragement and is SO uplifting. As friends and family, would you send us an email telling us what God is doing in YOUR life, so we can Praise Him along with you! My email is kelsey.poole09@yahoo.com and David's email is david.poole09@gmail.com.
Mahalo friends and family!

We are going backpacking with some friends. Chris and Heather, to Waimanu Valley. Leaving Friday at 5am and coming back Monday evening. We won't have any form of electronics with us...so contact us now!

Checklist this week:
Move out of the apartment by Thursday
Dinner Silent Auction Fundraiser Thursday

Colorado...coming soon!
We are still looking for better housing options and transportation options, if you have any ideas or can help in any way, please let us know.

Signing off for a little R and R with my amazing hubby,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

my hubby is growing up

Ok, so the title may read a little funny, but it's a little shout out to my amazing husband who just celebrated his 23rd birthday! Yes, yes we are young. Art just alluded to us being his grandkids:)
David has many pictures to post. Our exciting news is that the interns, aka Nate and Andrew, arrived Monday night. They are great guys and already are plugging away with our students. In their 4 days of being here they've gone night diving and each caught a fish (my husband also caught a tako, octopus), went and played in the lava (ok with the lava sounds better and is probably a bit more accurate), cleaned and painted our storage room, know almost every student's name in our mana akua group, tried lihi moi (sp?) on dried mango, and participated in our young adult Bible Study. Whew, leave it to the Pooles for a quick intro into the Hawaiian culture. Needless to say, I think they slept in to like noon today, which was much needed, especially with the 6hr jet lag...ok in the future we'll be a bit more gracious. We were just really excited to get their feet wet in Hilo, literally!

Fundraisers, dinners with church members, and family night (hot wings and board games) lay ahead for this weekend.

What an answer to prayer.

Signing out,
David and Kelsey

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Colorado coming soon

Aloha friends and family,
Happy Mothers Day to all you moms. David and I believe, actually know, that we are truly blessed to have incredible mothers and grandmothers! So thank you moms and grandmas for being incredible, dealing with us in our off days, praying for us continuously, loving us unconditionally.

Well a few updates in our lives. I an article for Susie magazine, and it will be featured in the September issue. For those who don't know, Susie mag is a Christian magazine for teen girls. I did my internship with Susie last Spring (2009). Since then I've done a few "Guy Talk" interviews, and just wrote up an article about "Surfing with Bethany Hamilton" (the gal who lost her arm in a shark attack but still continues to surf). Needless to say, I'm thrilled!

Things are going well with the church. As an answer to prayer, we now have a little more parent involvement when it comes to the task of fundraising. Let me tell you, fundraising here ain't easy. But we keep trusting the Lord for his provision!

As for David and I, come this summer we will be stepping out in faith in a few areas of our lives. A lot of changes are going to be happening in my vocation, which can be scary but I believe these changes will realign me in God's calling in my life. We appreciate your prayers as we "chase the wild goose (Holy Spirit)" in His leading in our lives. It truly makes us trust him more for our needs.

I'll be back in Colorado a month from today (June 6). So, I'd love to see you all. The Hawaii students come out June 16-30. We are looking for help with transportation, host homes/facilities, and food. If you can help in either area we'd greatly appreciate it! Below is a brief schedule of our plans. Again, if you can help on any day (driving, housing, food) please email me kelsey.poole09@yahoo.com

16-Students arrive, tag youth group
17-Tour Colorado Springs
18-Tour Denver, indoor sky diving
19-Homeless ministry downtown C/S
20- NLC church, mini golf, pizza and a movie (Haley's wedding)
21- In the mountains camping
22- In the mountains camping
23- Waliszewski ranch day
24- Desperation Conference
25- Desperation Conference
26- Desperation Conference
27- Denver United Church, chillax day
28- Boating Pueblo resevoir
29- Rock climbing Garden of the gods
30- Leave early in the AM

Aloha ke Akua,
David and Kelsey