Saturday, February 27, 2010


Just an update...I'm too exhausted to write much was an early morning

WE ARE FINE. We did have tsunami, but minor, no damage. It was pretty incredible to watch the water at around noon today...

Thank you for your prayers, I'll try to find the time to give you more of an update...but we are fine...David was on Kauai and I was not near the ocean here in Hilo

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

it's been a while

Whew, well hello, I'm back again.

It has been a busy couple weeks. Some of you I saw just this past week in the snowy and very cold state of Colorado. But before I get there...let me back up...
Friday, Feb 12, we had a Valentine's Day dinner. Let me just say, I am so incredibly proud of our students and my husband. A lot of behind the scenes needed to happen, and my job has me working about 8.5 hours a day, which does not give me much time to do anything else (we are working on that right now). So David, who has not been much of an event planner in the past, did an incredible job down to the detail of getting things set up. That night, the students took over and ran the whole event. They did great! And many compliments were shared; the adults were so impressed with how the students presented way to go HMC Sonlife!

David and I then had a very random trip to Oahu. We were suppose to meet my dad for a movie set (a movie called Soul Surfer), but things were postponed, but David and I were left with tickets to Oahu and a hotel in we went ahead and went. What turned out to be a very expensive Vday had many memories made as well. David and I rented our first working car (email me if you would like that story). We then went and drove around the island. Many of you recieved my texts that we saw John Locke from the TV series LOST...yes, be jealous:) We laid on Waikiki beach, walked downtown Honolulu, watched surfers at Sunset beach, ate delicious shrimp from the shrimp farm...good times:)
David then had a 5 day conference in Oahu and I went to Colorado to visit family and put on a bridal shower for my beautiful cousin/sister getting married in June. While home I saw family, my doggies and horses, went snowboarding with my dad, and ate some really amazing food. We don't have Chipotle in Hawaii, but please don't let that discourage anyone from coming:) However, this was the first time away from my husband for a long time, and I missed him very much. It was so good to see him at the airport on Sunday, picking me up in our God-car, and heading to our apartment which has an ocean view, knowing we both have work Monday...I say all this not to boast in myself, because left unto me or David we would have nothing...nothing of value at least. But because it has been God all the way, and even despite our mistakes He still provides, protects, loves, gives, etc...we are Amazed at God's goodness. So I say all that to brag on God, He has been so good to us, and we are so blessed!

Hope to see you soon on the Island,

prayer requests:
Colorado Trip-financing for us and our students, a dorm to stay all together, a 15 passenger van or transportation for 15, and safety, and most importantly for God to impact our students in an incredible way...First hand experience!!!!

David heads to Kauai for another conference this weekend, then I head to Oahu for the movie set the weekend good and sweet time together...when we are together

My job...trying to move back into the school setting...but needing wisdom and clarity if that is the right thing to do...but still blessed that I have work

Working on a proposal that could impact this island, church, maybe my job, and those who are a part of this proposed idea in an incredible way

We are wanting to move into a new apartment or better yet a house soon...maybe based on this proposal...but some least 2 bedrooms, a great place to host youth and other people, safe neighborhood, good parking, pets allowed, and affordable!

Thanks for joining in our prayers!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aloha everyone!

Just a quick update from my seminar to post some pics from O'ahu thus far. Hope you all enjoy!

Kelsey and I spent some time here on O'ahu for Valentines since I had this seminar and she was travelling back to see family in Colorado. Other than Honolulu side, I really enjoy being on this island.
This seminar has been really good so far. I feel that this idea of true, transformational discipleship is what I have been longing for and desiring to do. I am really seeking the Spirit as to how it needs to be done, but that will come.
Hopefully I will get some more time to post some long awaited pics from when the Waliszewski's were out, as we visited Hapuna and Waipio Valley that I finally put on the computer.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

the dentist office

**the little girl picture is me at 2 years old. My aunt Susan sent it to us and David said he would us it as blackmail. But I figured if I could confidently display this on a public blogging site, it can no longer hold as blackmail.

Well hello there:
I'm here at HMC church writing while David is just right out the door practicing a drama with our teens that they are performing during Easter. I have to admit, these teens are amazing. They have dedicated an entire day (9am-6pm) to practicing for the Easter production, and they are good!

So, I know it's been a little while, but let me catch you up with life. I'm going to start by talking about my Hawaii dental experience. I know you are on the edge of your seats for this story, but patience my friend...
So yesterday I went to the dentist. Let me tell you, Hawaii dentistry is thorough and very painful. But I've never seen a dentist office so efficient with their time and on schedule. They ushered me into the first room, where I had over a billion Xrays taken, ok, not that many but I don't know how many times I heard "Open you mouth just a little bit wider, now it's going to pinch, wait there...hold it" as they run to click the button while you are sitting there with cardboard sticking out of your mouth feeling like you might gag at any moment. Anyone been there with me? Well I then saw the actual dentist, I nice man who explained the procedure of checking my gums as he showed me a needle device about 1 1/2 inches long. I panicked, "That device is going in my gums?" Well not quite but close, that man poked at my gums checking for swelling and bleeding...I thought, well yeah of course they are going to swell and bleed if you are poking me with that...but he proceeded to continue, I guess he knew what he was doing:) Then they ushered me into another room where a jovial lady was waiting to finally clean my teeth. This lady was the sweetest lady until she started cleaning my teeth. Ruthless, that's all I have to say. It took 24 hours for my mouth to finally feel normal again. Well why am I sharing this with you? As I always do, I see Christian parallels from normal life situations. Although the whole dental experience was quite uncomfortable and painful, and I questioned the mental capacity of a man poking me with a needle, my teeth turned our clean and my mouth more healthy. I just wonder if that's what it's like with God when we ask him to clean us out and "purify us". It's uncomfortable and then becomes quite painful, we begin questioning Him looking to other things to relieve the pain, but in the end it is totally worth it. We are pure, we are clean!
So I hope you enjoyed my little story.
We have a very busy week ahead of us. My R.D. from Focus on the Family Institute is coming to visit on Tuesday. I'm really excited to catch up with her.
God has given me a passion and a vision for a college opportunity here on the islands. I'm not sure how it's going to happen, but I've had a few conversations with people and it seems I'm not the only one who shares the passion...we'll see what God has in store.
David is staying busy. He's busy planning a Vday dinner for our youth group Feb 12, he then goes to a week conferene in Oahu and then the following week has a 2 day conference in Kauai...gosh, I wish I had his job:) But I'm blessed because he's letting me go visit Colorado for a few days 15-21, so I'm looking forward to seeing family!

Our biggest youth project is the Colorado Trip for the Desperation Conference, helping the homeless ministry, and some fun!. We are needing to help these students fundraise and we are praying for a great deal on tickets (group rate). If you would like to help sponsor a teen to go to Colorado (they are looking to fundraise 1000/child) please send a check to ($5, 10, 15, 20, 50 would be a tremendous help): If you are from Hawaii and would like to partake in Rent a Teen (hire a teen for teen labor) please call Pastor David.

Hilo Missionary Church
attn: David Poole/Colorado Trip
1044 Komohana Street
Hilo, HI 96720

by the way this is the fish pic, and yes david actually ate it...but he's alive and still breathing, so that's the good news.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

blue skies and sunshine

Aloha friends and family,
Just an update from Hilo Hawaii. We ended up not getting the house. It was the cutest little house, however, when we took Art (friend and sub parent in Hawaii) to go see it, he said that give it one earthquake and the house will be a tumbling. So we withdrew our bid. We know God has something else in store in His timing. But isn't it interesting that something so beautiful and good on the outside, can be so unsturdy and ugly in reality. It can relate to Christianity. We can look so good on the outside, but in reality we can be so dirty and shaky on the inside. Hmmm just an interesting thought!

I'm sure enjoying my new client at work. She's taught me more these past couple weeks than I've taught her. We'll see what the future has in store.

David is staying busy. He took a Sabbath yesterday, very much needed and went running, beach, and diving. Very healthy for the spirit, mind and body.

I'll have him post a picture of the crazy fish he caught!

Well g2g, love you all. I'll be in Colorado the 15-21 in Feb...