Thursday, March 15, 2012

**Picture of Haley and I on the ocean taken by Casey Cho owner and captain of :)
**Picture of boat taken by Haley Hendrickson (btw she has a new website up and running

Wow, it has been almost a month since I was last on blogging to update you all on our lives here in Hawaii. To our blogger followers, I'm sorry for the pause in blogging. It has been a very busy month as our adventure continues here on the Big Island.

February was a great month as we had over 700 guests join us for Whale Watching with Adventure X Rafting. With 2-3 trips a day, our boat was staying busy. We witnessed whales breaching (80,000 lbs launching out of the water), to whale muggings (whales coming directly under the boat and hanging out for several minutes). One day, we had an underwater camera on board and our captain captured this:

It is always a blessing and privilege to be able to witness activity of these amazing creatures. Wow, God is so good and so creative! It's also great to interact with so many people from all across the world, He's even more creative in how he made every person so unique...yet we are all created in His image.

David is still working nights at Target. He has one more week left of that, and then will be back to a more "normal" schedule. It has been a very stretching experience for him as a leader, but I believe he has learned a lot through this management opportunity. He and I on Saturday had a little excursion to the Northern part of the island called Hawi. We did a little hiking, a little eating, and a little beach going. It is always nice to go explore a new place.

Haley and Andrew continue to be a joy to have as roomies. I love working with Haley on the boat when given the opportunity. Though I have to admit, I am excited for life to settle down a bit, and to maybe do a little more exploring of the island with them. We don't know what's next in their future, or how long Hawaii will be home for them, but we do love the fact they are here now and the growth God seems to be doing in ALL of our lives.
Movies have been a fun pasttime for us in the evenings as each evening we take turns making dinner (a wonderful part of community living:). It has been fun to enjoy that part of life as they really take great joy in movies and tv shows. It seems to be a nice way to conclude a busy day.

Yesterday, I had a bit of an incident. As I was heading into the water to kiteboard, I "bumped" my foot on a rock or a shallow coral reef. Thinking it was just a little scratch, I continued to kiteboard for the next 30 minutes. However, the "little" scratch continued to bleed while in the water kiting, so I decided that instead of chumming for sharks I'd head in and land my kite and see what this "little" scratch was all about. Well, the little scratch turned out needing 14 stitches and 10 days of antibiotics. (sorry for the graphic picture above, but thought those who can stand the sight would be curious what my scratch looked like). My doctor said it was a good thing I came in to Urgent Care, as it was a deep wound and close to some major blood vessels. As much as I hate doctors and emergency rooms, I think it was a good decision to get it taken care of professionally (although David did a great job playing home doctor as he tried to clean the wound himself in our tub). So I'm forbidden to enter the water for a week, and get the stitches removed in 10 days. All things work together for the maybe this is a forced rest from a very busy life I lead? Who knows...I'm bumming...but trying to see this as a positive opportunity for...something?

Uncle Mike, came out to visit for a day. It was great catching up with him, we missed you Aunt Elizabeth!

My mom comes out for a week on the 25th. I'm looking forward to spending some time with her as she relaxes on the beach:)

Art and Donna from Hilo came a few days ago to get out of Hilo's rain. It was so good catching up with them and hearing what God was doing in their lives. We really do love whether you are in Hilo or on the mainland...please come visit:)

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for your prayers, love and support!

We will be back in Colorado May 13-17 and Indiana May 17-22. Hope to see some of you then!!

Love, Kelsey and David