Tuesday, August 24, 2010

kiteboarding pics, blog below

Aloha once again from the Big Island of Hawaii. I'll preface this blog by first stating that David and I do work believe it or not, however, often I feel that you may get this idea that we play all day:) Now that that has been said, I get to describe my new play toys...a kite and a board.
Once a week for about 5 weeks I've been going to the other side of the island and learning to kiteboard. This task requires learning to fly kites anywhere from 6 meters to 13 meters depending on the wind. These pictures show me flying my own 11 meter kite...pretty cool, huh? Flying these kites can be difficult, and after suffering some pretty crazy but purposeful and graceful face-plants (haha, just kidding, they were pretty rough), crashing my instructors kite on the beach, and multiple water crashes, I now can say I am finally getting it and can keep my kite in the air. The next step is to learn to put your board on your feet while flying this kite 40 feet up in the air. One would assume that putting a board on your feel while flying a kite would be a simple task, but imagine with me splashing, twisting, flailing of arms, grunts of frustration, and sighs of occasional defeat and you have me doing such a task. However, I'm starting to get it. Now I'm learning to put the two together...flying the kite and riding the board. It is such a thrill and adrenaline rush, that I will dream about kiteboarding for days. It's been such a neat hobby to learn, and I feel that God has blessed me by providing a pretty neat kiteboarding community and a very supportive husband.
David is learning to launch and land the kites, and when he's not doing that he is improving in his own hobby of spearfishing and diving. David is improving, and now catches at least one fish each time he goes. I'm really impressed that he is learning all the Hawaiian names of the fish and can pinpoint them in the water. We had a friend from college come visit this past weekend, Laura Miller. David took her out snorkeling and talked her through all the different type of creatures one can see when looking through a mask. We are trying to save some money to buy him a speargun so he can advance his diving.

David is also looking at the opportunity to go to Thailand this October. I hope we'll know for sure by this Sunday, but if you can keep that in your prayers (if God is truly calling him there, finances, opportunities to share Jesus, and safety). I truly hope it works out for him to go!

Thank you all for your prayers about work. I worked 4/5 days this week, and it's been a huge blessing. I'm really enjoying the challenge of working with different clients and meeting new people. Each day brings something different, and I'm finding that has been really good for me.

Starting next week our lives will be getting a bit busier. We'll be starting our weekly student group on Thursday nights, Mana Akua. And we have a retreat over Labor Day, which I'm a bit nervous about...but I know God will work out the details!

Something God is working in me is the passage in Exodus 14:14 where God tells Moses as the Egyptians were coming upon them just as they had been free to leave the land of Egypt, "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still". May that be an encouragement to you this week, as it has been to me.

You all have been silent lately. Thanks Tim Arnold for sending us an email:)...we so appreciate hearing from you all!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Referring to church: "What's the point if you won't let it change you" Jake from To Save a Life

"What's the point if you won't let it change you" is the quote that has been consistently running through my brain. This past Friday we had about 20 teens over at our house for a movie night and fellowship. 'To Save a Life' was the movie of the night, a fairly decently filmed Christian teen movie addressing some hard issues of suicide, depression, cutting, divorce, pregnancy, abortion, and relationships. The main character Jake shows up to youth group as the youth pastor is talking about judgement. The youth pastor claims that in a survey, church was people's least favorite places because they feel judged. For the application part of the sermon, the pastor had the students take 30 seconds to think about who they may have judged in the past week. In that 30 seconds, most of the students were too distracted with different things to even give the youth pastor the time of day. Jake, a HS senior who is just beginning to try out this whole youth group thing, is disgusted with the lack of attention of the 'church' kids are giving to the youth pastor because just seconds ago his girlfriend walked out of the room because she too felt "judged". Jake, taking matters into his own hands, stands up and addresses his peers about their lack of conviction. He ends his monologue with a quote that has been with me to this day, "People are killing themselves and you (the youth group) are chugging soda through a sock (youth group game), what's the point of all this if you won't let it change you". For my church going friends, my challenge to you is just that...why play the Christian game (go to church, say the prayer, read the Bible) if you won't let it change you?
Your thoughts to that are greatly appreciated

So anyhoo...to David and I. I subbed last week for my agency as well as for the local Christian school. I was able to teach Junior High English and Bible, and HS girl Bible...I loved it! Unfortunately the pay is minimal, but meeting the teens...priceless:) David is feeling more excited about the up and coming plans for Sonlife. I believe God has some cool things planned this year.

Just getting to live life with some of our teens on a consistent basis.
Building relationships in the church family (David and I babysat for a 4th grader and his baby sister on Saturday so a couple could get away and have some time to themselves, we loved that)
Work last week for me!! (I need it to pay the bills)
Kiteboarding...following a dream of mine

Prayer requests
Sending David to Thailand in October for missions/international experience (maybe bring the kids there for the summer) need the funds!!
Kiteboarding friends (love them and show them the love of Christ)
Need more work (at least 3 more jobs by the end of the month)

Would love to hear how the outside world is. Please email us...


David and Kelsey

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i had a cool title, now I forgot it

It's back to work for David and I, well I guess David has been working but his work this summer has been hanging out with students up on top of Volcanos and at sandy beaches...I have a hard time considering that work:) This has been my first week back to work. For those of you who don't know, I chose to sub this Fall. Although the pay is inconsistent, I felt that was what God wanted me to do. Thankfully, he's been providing. Monday and Tuesday I subbed for 2 different clients. It has been absolutely exhausting, but I'm so thankful for the work. Tomorrow I'm trying out our Big Island bus system at 5 am to go kiteboarding on the other side of the island...we'll see how that goes. I have David on call to pick me up if I get stranded. And Thursday and Friday I sub for junior high and high school at a local Christian school, I'm so excited for that one.

David has been working diligently on developing curriculum and programs for this coming Fall. I'm excited for the things that God has in store for us and these students. Bring it on!!

Thanks for all the bday wishes. I had a very chill bday. After church we came home and relaxed all afternoon. In the evening we had some great friends over for dinner and a movie. Aww...what a life!  David gave me an incredible foot rub as we watched Covert Affairs on the computer (interesting show btw).

Prayer Requests:
Direction, especially in my life
Sub-opportunites for me
David (has had a continuous sinus thing going on, and chooses not to go see a doctor)
The youth ministry (I believe God will lead you in how to pray for that) we need ALOT of prayer!
Kiteboarding (going on lesson 3, but most importantly I want to see the Big Island kiteboarders kiting for Jesus)
Finances to get to Colorado for Christmas
And as always, divine appointments and anointed conversations.

Please email us your prayer requests:

Thank you friends and family,
Love you all,