Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Backpacking to Waimanu (pics to follow)

At 5 a.m on Friday, David and I along with another couple, Chris and Heather, took off on what we now consider an adventure of a life time. We were so excited, and had no idea what we were getting into. We began our adventure going down a steep incline, what is known as Waipio Valley. Only 4x4s are allowed to tackle this road, and unfortunately, we did not have a vehicle. So using our own two feet, we tumbled down the steep road and walked a mile on a beautiful black sand beach. Then our adventure began. After 8 hours of hiking 9 valleys with the final steep descent into Waimanu, we made it to our beloved vacation spot. But first, let me explain this hiking. I would describe it more like rock climbing in some areas. The beginning was a Z line trail that in less than a mile gained about 2200 ft in elevation. Once we summitted, we then walked in and out of 9 different valleys, 4 of which were pretty extreme. In the back of these valleys we saw waterfalls, streams, coffee trees, jungle, pine trees, you name it, we saw it. In less than 3 hours we had run out of water, that is how much we were sweating. But thankfully, my amazing husband brought iodine tablets and we watched the magic take place after getting water from the waterfalls (if you don't know what iodine tablets and water do, try it as an in home experiementt...its fascinating...and then you wonder...I'm going to drink that stuff?:) The trail was well marked but very narrow, rocky, and slick. We were so blessed to not have rain, because that would have made the trail even more difficult.
Once to our beloved campsite, we set up tents and went to go find our water source. About a 15 min hike took us to our water source a waterfall surrounded by mango and mountain apple trees. This waterfall had a multi-purpose use... drinking water, bathing, coolant, etc. We found it to be truly amazing and were very appreciative of fresh water.
When we got there, David and I cooked up our Mac and Cheese and sat around the fire facing the ocean for a bit...and went to bed. However, we did make a friend. A hunter who set up tent back in the valley, a bit drunk and high, decided he was going to go hunting that night and invited our husbands to join. Chris and David were pretty exhausted and decided to sleep instead, a wise choice, however we were awoken twice in the middle of the night with him, his buddies, and the many dogs running through our camp either with Kailua pig (already cooked pig Hawaiian style) and a fresh killed boar which he poked in Chris guys tent and made a roaring noise...a bit strange to say the least.  Saturday, we ended up hiking to another waterfall way back in the valley. There we at the Kailua pig and relaxed. Sunday our husbands felt like true Hawaiians shaking mountain apple trees (then we ducked because it showered mountain apples), throwing rocks to get coconuts, cutting banana trees, and talking about how they were going to kill a pig, which they never did :(
Monday AM, we left super early and started the hike. It took us 6 hours to get to the car, and we were booking it. It still was difficult, and David and I were sure feeling our muscles last night.

We are now officially homeless. Can't call a home our own. We have moved out of our apartment and won't move into our house until July. However, we are blessed to have a house sitting job until June 14. David and the interns leave June 15, which is perfect. It's been so nice to have a big house to relax and retreat...however, here we are at the church hitting the ground running once again...

Keep praying for us. The R and R was good and well needed, but it continues to be busy. God is good, He is faithful, and really its His ministry...we are just mere tools. We have to keep reminding ourselves daily when we fall short. Its all His, it is all about Him!

Love you all.