Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Visitation from the folks

Aloha family and friends,
So sorry it's been a while since you heard from us, we were busy with my parents being here. Yes, that's right, another visit from Momma and Pappa Waliszewski. (They now inherited the names Grandme and Grandpy as they are grandparents of our kitty cat which my mom thinks is pregnant...which would then make them great grandparents at the age of 50 something if indeed a spade kitty can be pregnant with kittens...hmmm...stay tuned).

Well my parent's first day here in Hawaii was quite adventurous, as I brought them out on the boat to swim with dolphins. That day happened to be the day our power steering broke and we were stranded about 20 miles down the coast from our boat harbor. Our 3 hour tour turned out to be about a 5 hour tour as we waited to be rescued from a fellow tour boat. Yes, 17 of us stuck on a 30 ft boat for 3 hours is very interesting. Fortunately, the dolphins decided to hang with us most of the day. To redeem ourselves, we invited all our passengers for another complimentary trip (parents included) and everyone got a spectacular day swimming with the wild dolphins.

David was excited to have my folks her for many reasons, one being that he could eat again. We feel so blessed when they come to visit, as we do get to go out to eat a little more than usual. Instead of mac and cheese, or spam musubi...David and I were treated to yummy meals:) It was a special treat.

And yes, they did get to see me kite. I actually had one of my best kiting days while they were here, and was really excited they could be a part of that day:) Ok, dad...your next...

David and I are coming up on 2 years being married!! YAY! This past year has been a tough year, but God is faithful and has seen us through the thick and thin. And right behind that is my bday...yay! I love August:)

Well it's been a busy week. We are all sold out on trips for the rest of the week...whew!
Praise God. Be praying for David, he is being looked at for a leadership role at Target...what a blessing that would be!

Can't wait to hear from my brother who has been at boot camp all month. Trevor-I'm proud of you!!

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Monday, July 11, 2011


We are like proud parents, always posting pictures of their kids, however our kid is a pussy cat. So bear with us as we continue to post different poses of Kapule. (Dani and Ryan, we now know what you mean with an animal being like your child). We keep telling her that Grandma and Grandpa are coming out to visit (I'm not sure how thrilled my parents are to be grandparents of a kitty, but they are since Kapule is the first child-like thing in our lives). So starting next Sunday, my folks will get to meet the one and only- pudgy-cuddly-whiny Kapule.

This week has been very busy as I completed my 30 hour substitute training certification course. My schedule consisted of work for 6+ hours, kite, come home, eat something and love on the kitty (maybe see my husband:), and head to the local high school to sit in class for almost 4 hours. Needless to say, I was exhausted and ready for it to be over. If I pass my test tomorrow (a supposedly 3 hour test) then I become a certified sub in the state of Hawaii (new credentials since Hawaii's education system is lacking and they needed government grants). Although I love my job on the boat, I don't want to give up on working with teens, so I decided that subbing would be a good fall back when the tourist season is slow.

Randomly, I will throw in here that David is in the process of doing his first oil change EVER! At the age of 24, he now, with the help of his amazing father over the phone, is hopefully going to start his career of Poole car maintenance:) I can only hope. Car repairs are expensive, especially in Hawaii!

Well David has been averaging 35 hours a week, a huge blessing. He now also does cashier work at Target too. Broadening his positions at Target, a very good thing I believe. He is kinda starting to pick up running again...and did dive a good deal yesterday!

I continue to stay pretty busy on the boat. I have such a blast meeting a bunch of new people every day. And I really enjoy the captain and girls I work is nice to look forward to going to work. Your prayers are appreciated as I hope to continue to help generate more business for this company, Adventure X Rafting, than from past years, but I know I can't do it alone. It will only be through the grace and love of Jesus. He is the only reason I have this job...I mean who knew meeting the captain at the beach randomly, we'd be living in Kona and doing what we are doing...actually it was because of Him we are even in Hawaii...although it has been quite a journey thus far. One I hope we don't have to repeat for a long long time!

I'll be back in Colorado in a couple months, looking forward to catching up with family and friends...then yes, I will be heading to Mishawaka, In. So all ya'll who are in the area, let's plan a get together!! Unfortunately, I think David has to stay and work...but we are still looking into it.

I've been watching a lot of my girls from RAing at Bethel, getting married! Congrats to those who are or are getting married this summer! And a random comment: but for those who aren't...keep praying for your prince charming...there's no rush!! God will bring him in His perfect timing.

Just today I had an awesome phone conversation with Donna, a wonderful friend back in Hilo. She reminded me that God prunes us to produce fruit. Often times we think that fruit comes in the form of bringing people to Jesus. But in reality, what is the fruit God mentions in the Bible? Gal 5:22: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control, right? Well to me that sounds pretty inwardly...therefore the fruit is becoming inwardly transformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ. So...i can't believe I'm going to say this...but bring on the pruning. But we can only be pruned, if we are plugged into the vine which is Jesus Christ. Without Him, I sure wouldn't have a lot of hope...and I'm so thankful to have Jesus in my life!

Love you all!!


Sunday, July 3, 2011


Here I've been telling you all that I've spent long hours at the beach learning how to kiteboard. Well, my wonderful hubby did take footage today, and I now have a little something to show you...So please enjoy this short video of Kelsey kiteboarding (btw, I'm in the Pink kite).

I also posted a pic of our kitty. We have renamed our cat Kapule which means from the prayer. In short, our pussy cat was an answer to prayer. Our God even cares about the little things like a rat problem:) Kapule, I may have mentioned before is part dog. She crawls into bed with us and snuggles next to mainly me. She follows me all around the house, and she really enjoys having a conversation of meows. She truly owns the place, and will tell us when she is hungry, wants attention, or needs to be petted. So far, no rats...she's a keeper.

God has been so good. This week we had full boats loads of 16-19 pax 6 out of the 7 days this week. I feel so blessed, and believe God is piecing together the trips so perfectly. David worked for me today, as I am taking a certification course to be a Substitute Teacher in the state of Hawaii. My next couple Saturdays and a few nights along the way I have to complete a 30 hr course...yuck! But it is great to have a hubby that is so willing to help me out. I did ask him, "Does the boat feel like work?". His answer..."no". It truly is such a great job, my office...the ocean!
As for the class, I figured it will be good to have something to fall back on when the tourist season gets a little slow (Sept, first two weeks in December especially).

Currently, David and I have been trying a church here in Hawaii. It's known as the Stone Church and historically was the first church ever built in Hawaii. Please help us pray for God's will in a church. Although we believe in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we do desire a good Christian fellowship to be encourged and challenged in our walk with Jesus.

Well, looking forward to seeing my folks in 2 weeks from tomorrow!!

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Aloha ke Akua,