Monday, April 30, 2012

Work hard, play hard

There is a season to work hard, and then there is a season to play hard. Our boat company hosted over 1500 people during our 3 month peak whale season. That was a lot of work! Enjoyable work to say the least, but work...we were busy.
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are in a 6 week dry dock. Well it is forced play you might say. Yes, there is still work to be done, and there's a lot of pressure to be back in the water, but "it is what it is" and now is a season of play too!
So I've been doing just that, and when David, Haley and Andrew can join me...we all go play. You only live life once, right?

A few weeks ago, friends from Hilo came over to camp and scuba. David and I have never scuba-ed, so Chris so willingly and patiently taught David the art of scuba. David was thrilled about this new way to experience the water. He even caught a fish too. I never eat the fish he catches, because when I see them "whole" and their sad little eyes staring at me as they sit, forever, in the fridge or ahem cooler... waiting to be cooked...they suddenly have a name, and a family, and...well need I go on? I sat with the ladies on the beach and played with the pooch...and Jackson, the newest edition to our crew...almost 1 year old. It is so fun to see Chris and Heather as parents. They are doing a great job at it too:) I'm a true believer that parenting is one of the hardest jobs in life, so kudos to all you parents out there. And thank you to our parents for putting up with the amazing and hard times we threw your way.

Well Haley and Andrew leave in about 3 weeks:( We are excited to see where the next adventure takes them. As for us, our plan is to hold on to our rental for another couple months unless another rental opens up or maybe we even buy? We have already been pre-approved for a loan, and tis the time to buy in Hawaii. So whatever door God chooses to open up we'll follow, we just hope He really makes it clear. The picture of Haley and Andrew is at a fresh water pond literally feet away from the ocean. Amazing to have fresh water and salt water so close together. Feels great to get in after a long hike through the lava fields.  We are looking for possible new roommates...interested? Email me

As for work, there's always potential to expand, grow, and change. That's what is scary and that is what I love about my job. Casey and I went 4Wheeling to investigate some expansion to our business. Despite the business side of things, it was so great to be up at 11,500 ft again on a mountain overlooking the prettiest coastline in the world! So refreshing, and so needed!! It was also my second time 4Wheeling,  I wouldn't say I'm the best driver;/

On Saturday, all 4 of us went snorkeling at a place called MahuKona. From the highway, Haley's highly trained and professional whale watching eyes spotted a momma humpback and baby. They performed, breaching, tail slapping/slashing, head lunging, for about 45 minutes. Amazing that it is almost May and  there are still whales around. When the baby is big enough, mom and baby will start making their trek to Alaska. Pretty amazing to be nursing a calf and making a 2500 mi journey. It's no wonder that females lose up to 40% of their body weight. Now that's a diet! God is pretty amazing.

So a random thought, but yet one I've been thinking: What sets humans apart from animals...why is it that we have feelings, a conscience, emotions, responsibility, creativity. I believe it all points back to a God. A Creator God. A God who so loved His creation and He decided to make Man in his image. Man reflects God. Man is not God, but points to a God. Our reflection of God sets us apart from other life. That's a privilege, an honor, and a huge responsibility...what does he want from us then?? Why not make us like the rest of the animals out there? I have to think it is because this Creator God which I believe so strongly a relational God. He wants a relationship with you, and me...

to be continued...

Go work hard, and play hard this week.


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