Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy April!

Sorry it has been a while. Time is a flyin. Well to update you on our past month, let's begin:

My mom came at the end of March. It was great having her here. We celebrated Haley's 24th bday with pedicures and paddleboarding. Haley, Andrew, my mom and David went down into Waipio Valley (related to the Colorado incline). They played with the wild horses in the valley and enjoyed the beautiful beach and waterfalls.

Haley and Andrew are leaving us at the end of May:( Hawaii has been a great adventure for them, but they feel that it's time to leave. Not sure what's next for them, but we are thrilled as they continue on in the adventure. However, we are VERY sad to see them leave.

As for David and I, we still feel that the Big Island is our home. As for the roof over our heads, not sure if we'll keep the house we are in or downsize or...? Who knows, praying God will make that clear.

David and I both love our jobs. The other day Casey (my boss who is cutting the Mahi Mahi in the pic above) took Kim (one of the crew) and I on a holo holo boat trip (play day). We went out to fish, but ended up finding the last of our Big Island whales. About an hour into the trip a Mama humpback whale and a keiki (baby) whale put on quite a show...just for the 3 of us. It was awesome. I kept thinking that was a God thing.

For Easter, some friends of ours, Heather and Chris and their 10 month old Jackson, came over for the weekend. It was so great to spend time with them. Once again we realize how much we miss our old stomping grounds...Hilo. Miss our HMC family and friends:)

David is done with the night shifts at Target and he is back to working "normal" hours. He seems to be happier.

Well, lots of randomness. But that's life.

Love you all.
Kelsey and David and Kapule

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