Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wow, I didn't realize it has been more than a month since I've last written. I guess the busyness of being back to work, kept me distracted.
Where do I begin?
Update on Kelsey:
June 15 the Malaialena was back up and running (the big yellow boat seen in the picture). We had many sea trials (without guests on board) with captain and crew. During these sea trials we saw 100+ melon head dolphins which I swam with (I also swam with a 8-10 ft tiger shark at the same time, that wasn't planned), caught a Mahi Mahi (which we still have filets in the freezer from), and explored sea caves. Although sea trials were a blast, it is great to be back up and running with paying guests on board for our AM Dolphin Watch and Snorkel. What a job being able to witness Spinner Dolphins each and every day!!
As for kiteboarding, I'm loving the sport! I'm currently working on jumping and back rolls. I never thought I'd actually be a kiteboarder, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity (health and location) to be able to follow this dream. As always, I'm thankful for my 10 coaches always encouraging and challenging me to be a better kiter or just letting me nap on the beach after a long day:)
We do have new roomies. Jessica, who works on the boat as well and her husband Dimitry have been living with us for about a month. They too are from Colorado, and have fallen in love with the Big Island. Dima is working in Kona as a car salesman (and occasionally gets to commute with David into town) while Jessica works on the boat and is a part time receptionists for a construction company as well (that job was found through the church they've plugged into). It has been great getting to know them and learning to live life with them.
David: Still plugging away at Target. He has been recognized amongst some Target leaders as being a guy to bring up sales quite drastically in his department through good management and hard work. I'm pretty proud of him. I believe in 200 stores they are top 16 in his department. Although retail was never his first choice, he really has been learning some valuable lessons in leadership and management, lessons I believe that apply in every day life. He is contemplating the idea of helping with a middle school wrestling program on Wednesday stay tuned. Some friends of ours, Art and Donna, came over a couple different times in the month of June. We always enjoy fellowship with Art and Donna, and David really enjoys having a spear fishing partner with Art! Dima and David also went diving, and Jessica and I enjoyed the stand up paddle board.
David completed a half marathon on June 24! This time I didn't run it with him, but I'm very proud that he finished all by himselft! A huge accomplishment!

Here are some other fun things we did in the month of June:
-My grandma came out for a visit for 3 days:)
-The HMC Youth came over for a couple days. We enjoyed playing Settlers of Catan.
- A couple youth students came to hang at the beach with us!! We always love time visiting and catching up with Hilo friends!
-Went to the Big Island Chocolate Festival compliments of my boss and his wife! We were all chocolated out for weeks after that event! Talk about some delicious chocolate. The event was organized by a fellow kiter and chocolatier.
-Stayed in touch with family as the fire in Colorado crept closer to family members homes. My grandma's neighborhood was burned down, but miraculously her house and her cul-du-sac survived!! All my other family's homes were spared, although the fire got very close. We are very thankful for all the time spent by our heroic fire-fighters!!
-My dad and brother went to INDIA!! I still haven't heard ALL the stories, but my family comes to visit the 18th. Looking forward to hearing more about India then.

Well time to go to bed!
Hope all is well. Would love to hear from you!!

Come visit!

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